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A.G. Kieth Ellison @ the CLEAN SLATE Expungement Clinic


A monumental milestone was achieved during the clean slate
expungement clinic on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023, at 1101 West Broadway,
Minneapolis. At this transformative event North Minneapolis witnessed the
participation of over 500 justice impacted individuals eager to embark on a
journey toward a fresh start by removing barriers hindering their path to

Scope and Impact:

The Clean Slate Expungement Cinic emerged as a historical
platform and empowered participants to reestablish equity within society.
Beyond the immediate impact on participants, the ripple effect of expungement
aligns with our broader mission to foster justice, restore humanity, and
empower justice-impacted individuals.

 Key Data:   

Projected participant turnout: 40-50 people
Actual turnout: 550 participants
Population directly serviced: 55% of the total
Success rate: 100% assistance provided to those
in need.


Peer Re-Entry Support Specialist Training and
Internship: 7%
Jobs: 7%
Substance use disorders: 5%
Housing: 18%
Training: 13%

Reflection and Future Impact:
As we reflect on the success of the Clean Slate Expungement
Clinic, it becomes evident that the impact extends beyond immediate
participants. The tangible steps taken at this event contribute significantly
to the broader mission of creating a more just and equitable society.

The Clean Slate Expungement clinic was a success. We had over 500 people attend. The A.G. Keith Ellison came and spoke to us as well as other influential speakers and leaders. Stay tuned for another Clean Slate Expungement clinic coming soon.

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