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De’vord J. Allen

Devord J. Allen, an individual driven by a profound passion for serving the community, is a distinguished luminary in the realm of social, emotional, and situational stressors. With an unwavering commitment to assisting those grappling with the ramifications of drug addiction or justice involvement, Devord has amassed an impressive repertoire of experience spanning two decades in the Health and Wellness industry. A scholar of remarkable acumen, Devord obtained a 4.0 GPA during his degree pursuit at Mount Marty University, where Devord pursued a comprehensive education in Business Administration and Accounting and accumulated his undergrad degree. Devord’s intellectual prowess is further enhanced by his diverse range of certifications, including that of a Peer Support Specialist, Cognitive Behavioral Specialist, and Certified Life Coach. The indelible mark of Devord’s expertise can be witnessed in the role as the Director of Peer Support Services for Pathways to True Freedom Foundation Inc. where Devord has demonstrated unparalleled leadership in an unrivaled ability to design, develop, and implement groundbreaking programs for Pathways to True Freedom Foundation. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Devord’s resolute dedication to empowering others is simplified by his consulting role as a mentor for Dare II Dream Inc. where they have consistently guided individuals to transcend boundaries on their own aspirations. Devord showcases an unwavering commitment to foster an inclusive engaging environment for all participants. Devord’s aptitude as a public speaker, and author of esteemed works like “Against All Odds: Becoming More Than Your Experiences, and Risen From the Ashes.” Serves as a testament to his ability to captivate audiences with insight and profound perspectives.

Devord’s leadership prowess is an embodiment of his exceptional skills in interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and team motivation. Devord’s ability to mediate and de-escalate interpersonal conflicts is matched only by Devord’s unyielding commitment to fostering an atmosphere of understanding and fairness. Furthermore, Devord’s adeptness in facilitating team synergy and fortifying group dynamics is a testament to Devord’s exceptional leadership acumen.

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