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Code of conduct

Code Of Conduct

At Pathways To True Freedom, we honor and follow the Code of Ethics established by the Association for Addiction Professionals ( when interacting with individuals with substance use disorder (SUD), always adopting a people-first approach informed by cultural sensitivity and trauma awareness. 

At Pathways To True Freedom, our well-trained professionals are committed to following this Code and also believe in the importance of always demonstrating strong moral and ethical principles in all interactions with both clients and the general public. 

Pathways To True Freedom centers numerous important values, including: 

  • Autonomy: With the confines of legal constraints and safety concerns, program participants are given the power and grace to make their own decisions, guided by professional insight. 
  • Beneficence: Our professionals are focused on helping participants and making their lives better. 
  • Competence: Our approach to treating SUD is grounded in best practice and modeling what has worked in similar communities. We rely on the professionalism of our staff and invest in continuing education. 

Justice: All of our work is rooted in justice and an understanding that different communities and individuals are impacted differently by SUD. Our goal is to ensure fair and equitable treatment.