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Conscious Movement

Message from an Incarcerated Brother ~ J. M -2022

Our culture uses the term “Woke” loosely. But the favorable acts of the words are the proclamation of to obtain or gain consciousness.

As I’m sure you are aware, our consciousness is conditioned, designed, assimilated, and socially constructed. Although you might be aware of this, we are only as “woke” as the children of our household. Thus, if they are themselves unconscious, then so we are as well unconscious because we are indirectedly and directedly affected by their beliefs.

We need to correct this, but how?

Easier said than done. For them to gain control of their consciousness, they must first learn to moderate the biases built into the machinery of their brain that they have grown receptive to by watching TV, video games, cable, music, movies, and our culture. They all assimilate an illusion.

They normalize illusions and sometimes we do as well, we allow a series of illusions to stand between ourselves and what is value and reality. These illusions are genetic infrastructures, cultural rules, and our own self-desires. These illusions are fabricated but a lot of the time comforting.

Our goal is to understand the illusions and understand their influences on the members of our households. Indeed, we have a fight on our hands, fighting for the freedom of our mind, to be able to think freely and make our own decisions.

Exploiting consumerization, and entrepreneurship is key.

I was talking with a guy name black, and I gave him a value check. I used a t-shirt company that had the same material as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Armani, etc. Though Designer t-shirts sell for 250-1000 a t-shirt, I asked him where the market was to exploit if he had the same material as the designer brands, at 34-38 dollars per t-shirt.

Where the market interest is a 65% profit margin, meaning the shirt would have to sale for over 100 dollars to establish a market value and or investors.

Because he could not see the profit margin or a niche that would sell the t-shirt below the market value and still make a profit.

Although Black got bored and couldn’t see, he misunderstood the big picture of the project. Most of our youth will, but because they only see themselves as consumers, not entrepreneurs.

The black culture can sell ice to an Eskimo, salt to a slug, water to a whale, spoken word to the deaf, etc. But we are uncomprehensive of what we give value to.

If our children can figure out the smallest exploitations of designer labels, by recognizing they are labels, they can and will be entrepreneurs.

Give our children, family, and friends this project, and see if they can see the market margin. In doing so, they will recognize the true value of the t-shirt. Furthermore, they will be conscious of how and what they are spending their money on.

Then, follow up with marketing. Who markets Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Armani….”WE DO” we give value to it!

Viacom owns BET, VH1, BRAVO, WE MTV, and basically the rights to reality shows, the stock goes up on the commercial air base for reality TV. That part may be a little deep, but do you see the big picture, and the job we have in front of us?

I’m using designer labels to paint a picture, but the concept is away and far from what we really give value to, and why we give value to, it can be something as simple as Tide, versus Gain…though Tide owns Gain, we subconsciously place a differential in the two because we are thinking as consumers versus entrepreneurs. Toys, games, all the above, what are we doing when our child is being babysat by a tablet, video game, or TV?

The convenience is comforting, but also a trap. The question is are we really “woke”, and where do we begin?  

                                                                                            Message from an Incarcerated Brother ~ J. M -2022

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