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Craig CHapman


Craig Chapman

Craig Chapman is a small business support specialist. His passion is helping executives and small businesses to discover their purpose as an individual and as a business. Craig has a passion for technology which fueled him to engage in the world of technology both physically and virtually. Craig has worked with many tech companies in Field Service such as Dell, HP, Hitachi, RBC, Coca-Cola, Pure Storage, and IBM just to name a few. Being a part of many projects has enabled Craig to learn the mechanisms that make companies successful and therefore pass this knowledge on to the small businesses and executives with whom he has the pleasure to engage. Craig was engaged in SEO, Web Development, and Soc Media in its early conception and has helped many people start businesses online.

Craig is also supportive of Networking communities in the Twin Cities with MsEllaInspires, First Fridays Twin Cities, and in Omaha thru Black Agenda Alliance and Vent It Out where he helps with consulting, online presence, and networking.

Craig enjoys spending time with family, studying ancient history, gardening, and music.