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Our Belief System

“We are exactly where we expect to be in our lives.” Since our birth, most of us have been handed someone’s perspective of what our lives could or should look like. Everyone has played a part in the influences on our belief systems, from our parents to our siblings, to our cultural and social settings, and even our educators. They start early in our learning process shaping those beliefs to fit the mode of society. The problem with that is we no longer think outside of the culture that surrounds us. The ability to decipher what your life could or should look like can be oftentimes lost in translation. There is a self-determination theory that says people do things to either pursue pleasure or to avoid pain, and the degree of pleasure and pain influences the motivation toward or away from the stimulus.

Pathways to true freedom are issuing a 30-day challenge. This Challenge is simply an idea where a small change is incorporated into your life over 30 days. You work on the challenge daily until it becomes a habit. The concept behind it is doing something new every day. Thirty days is the perfect amount of time to do a self-improvement challenge. It’s long enough to make something part of your routine, and short enough that’s not overwhelming. Big goals and dreams are made up of tiny choices. If you make good choices every day your life will get better. This challenge is a direct reflection of what our beliefs say about us. If you believe you can, or you think you can’t, either way, you’re right!  Stay Blessed!